I am a soloist.

After a career of 28 years in a formal structure I chose a new path and walked out into a new world.

As a soloist I now work with a diversity of people and organisations, offering a portfolio of different services and projects. 

 I coach persons with wonderful potential and a beautiful story to live. 

I mediate between individuals to resolve conflict.

I empower people through research, writing, and public speaking. 

I am a coach, a researcher, an author, a mediator, a speaker and a project consultant.

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“Walk out the door of a big company, what are you – stripped of that all-powerful identity?

You’re free. You’re brave.

And potentially you’re rich,

if you take full advantage of the opportunities that lie in store. Soloing is not about changing jobs – it is about changing your life” 

–Harriet Rubin  


(Soloing. Reaching Life’s Everest)  



For the past 28 years, I worked with business people, senior- and top leadership, entrepreneurs, and retiree’s their life’s journey. My focus was helping them to apply their values to real-life situation of leadership, management, relationships and change. Through this, I guided many to live authentic lives. As a trained life and executive coach helping people to be real, remains the core of my work.

Based on this experience and after experiencing the drama of being retrenched myself, I opened a practice focusing on integrated and transformational coaching, conflict coaching, mediation and research. My work is based on the integration of the different aspects of our lives (family, career, personal development), on respecting the inter-relatedness of being human, and on the release of the resources we have access too.

Changes to our relationships, as well as to health and lifestyle, begins with imaging a new future and new behaviour. Behind this change lies the challenge to think in a new way about who we are and how we deal with bad experiences. Focusing on the inter-relatedness of individuals improves not only our resilience but also that of the teams and groups we are part off.

Working with me enhances my clients’ ability to live the good story they have. It allows them to tap into my experience and the acquired knowledge of 28 years’ work with people in transition to live the good story you already have.

We all have a good story to live, let us live it.


“Johan Pieters has a wealth of experience as counsellor and Minister which exceeds 25 years. Johan is self-confident, proactively helpful, smart, and I know he will continue to find success in coaching”

– Richard Nyengera


“It was a pleasure meeting you last week. Your wisdom. I am humbled”

– Winky Dladla


The name “OORSPRONG” is an Afrikaans word meaning “origin”. It reflects the idea that our journeys are original – they originate from a unique context – and continue to be influenced by this original context. The Afrikaans word can also be associated with the opportunity to re-start (“begin oor”) or to cross a boundary or blockage (“spring oor”) on our journey. In its variety of meanings and associations, the word reflects what my work is about; returning to the original journey and taking it forward.