I am a soloist.

After a career of 28 years in a formal structure I chose a new path and walked out into a new world.

As a coach, mediator, author, speaker I now work with a diversity of people and organisations,

offering a portfolio of different services and projects. 

 I coach persons with wonderful potential and a beautiful story to live. 

I mediate between individuals to resolve conflict.

I empower people through research, writing, and public speaking. 

I am a coach, a researcher, an author, a mediator, a speaker and a project consultant.

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“Walk out the door of a big company, what are you – stripped of that all-powerful identity?

You’re free. You’re brave.

And potentially you’re rich,

if you take full advantage of the opportunities that lie in store. Soloing is not about changing jobs – it is about changing your life” 

–Harriet Rubin  


(Soloing. Reaching Life’s Everest)  



“Johan Pieters has a wealth of experience as counsellor and Minister which exceeds 25 years. Johan is self-confident, proactively helpful, smart, and I know he will continue to find success in coaching”

– Richard Nyengera


“It was a pleasure meeting you last week. Your wisdom. I am humbled”

– Winky Dladla



My calling – a deep desire to serve others as Minister came at four years old. Since 1987 I had the privilege of serving various Churches and Communities. Specifically, I look back fondly at the nearly three decades I served as Minister at Fontainebleau Community Church. It will remain a blessing and inspiration to know that I was allowed into the lives of people during all their big moments; whether it was births, weddings or times of bereavement – I was witness to their deepest and most honest moments.


The most challenging yet satisfying work of being a minister was doing the work of Bible reading – which entailed grappling with both the biblical text and its context and then interpreting it for our time. Looking back, this intense study of the Bible shaped my thinking to be acutely aware of the world we live in and how it continuously shapes our questions and identities.


Leaving the congregation and entering the world of Coaching and Mediation came as a natural progression of my career. My passion for people and well-developed skills of being patient, listening and being able to ask powerful questions, allows me to create a safe space where clients can participate free from judgement and reservation.


As a Coach, I am aware that it is a sacred moment when people allow you to become part of their life-story; to journey with them and to discover an inspiring future with them. It is an exciting process of being with them as they master the mental skills to realise this future. Sharing in the life-story of people has shaped my next project to further my coaching practice into a multi-cultural organisation and network of coaches, to help facilitate personal journeys and release individuals and teams from being stuck.


What is in the name Oorsprong?

The name “OORSPRONG” is an Afrikaans word meaning “origin”.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, humans are made in the image of God, who is complete and perfect love. In that tradition, God is also a perfect and complete community. The author of these stories speaks of God in the plural. Together human beings are also God’s representatives, mandated to care for the garden (creation).

The name reflects the idea that our journeys originate from this unique context – and continue to be influenced by the love, community and the mandate embedded therein. But due to various experiences and the normal development of attachment we have lost much of this context.

As life-coach it is my passion to journey with people back to where they can re-connect with this point of origin, and build a good story on this “oorsprong.”

I have deliberately, and against the advice of some friends and advisors opted for the Afrikaans version, as to reflect my origin as an Afrikaans-speaking person in South Africa.