“It is the client who knows what hurts,

what directions to go, what problems are crucial,what experiences have been deeply buried.”

― Carl Rogers  

 Life Coaching

Coaching helps us to imagine a new future and then guides us to enter the journey of transition with a clear plan of how to manage the transition and discover the imagined future. It is a client-driven process in which the client explores his/her journey, formulates what success means for him/her, identifies goals and objectives for success, and develops the habits and skills to achieve these objectives.

The life coach guides the client to identify key career and life goals and focuses the client on achieving those goals without being distracted by other challenges and demands. While coaching is forward-looking, it also recognizes that many of the obstacles to our goal achievement result from past experiences. While clients explore the future they imagine for themselves and those dynamics that could hinder making that future real, the coach follows the agenda and the pace of the client.


Conflict Coaching

Are you living or working in a environment of continuous conflict? Do you merely want to mediate or manage conflict, or do you want to use the opportunity to become a stronger person? When we mediate conflict, we merely sort matters out. When we manage conflict, we sort matters out and re-arrange the furniture in the room. When we mine conflict, we see it as a resource and delve deeper to understand how conflict affects us and how our reactions contribute to the conflict.

Conflict coaching facilitates this mining process. Through conflict coaching, we discover what was the real source of conflict and prepare us for those moments when our own needs and that of other team members are no longer aligned.

Conflict coaching can help you to understand the nature of the conflict, the origin of bias, and to discover how and why they respond to conflict in the way they do. It also helps them to identify appropriate bases for successful resolution of conflict.


 Transitional Coaching

Transitional coaching is coaching for “a positive change for a positive future.” I began to think about transitional coaching when I realised that I approach a new phase in my career, my life and my relationships. I knew that I had to prepare for the moment long before the new future dawns upon me. I identified fear of being without salary, fear of failing and fear of making the wrong decisions as the thing I need to talk about. I talked to a coach. Talking to her allowed me to plan the passage to a world unknown to me, and to deal with my fears and self-doubt.

As a transitional coach, I journey with my clients through some of the important transitions and passages in their lives. These include transitions from salaried employment to entrepreneurship, from one job to another, from employment to retirement, from being single to entering a relationship or marriage. It also includes passages through the doors of life-stages, through the experience of divorce and loss.

I believe everyone is already living a good story and by exploring this narrative, we release the resources needed for the transition.