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In today’s complex world, coaching is a key activity essential for business and personal success

― Liz Jewer 

Life Coaching


As coach I have a client-centered approach in which we follow a creative and thought-provoking process to maximise the personal and professional performance of the client.


My focus is on the need and agenda of the client. I am convinced that every person has a vision, plan and the necessary skills to create an exciting future. I role in the partnership is to assist them to identify the unconscious dynamics that prevents them from succeeding. I challenge their priorities and guide them to design meaningful and sustainable change and habits to support the change.

Conflict Coaching


Conflict is much more than a good fight or someone storming out of a meeting leaving a series of (not so well chosen) words in the air. Conflict is a paralysing experience of what happens when needs and expectations are not met.


Together  my client and I identify and develop the necessary skills to feel comfortable with conflict and to develop appropriate strategies to deal with it. Coaching challenges paradigms and develop new skills. 

Team Coaching


Team coaching aims to develop team relationships and interpersonal skills by coaching the individual members to master new paradigms and skills related to conflict. THis help the team to improve their decision-making process.


My approach is to take a tem through three phases. The first phases consist of a training program explaining what conflict mastering is about. The second phase a series of coaching with individual team members. The final phase is a workshop(s) to develop a culture for dealing with conflict in the team. 


From R650.00 per session for 6-8 sessions

From R850.00 per session for 8-12 sessions.

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