Happiness is good health and a bad memory

― Ingrid Bergman 


Joyful hearts and healthy bodies

The healthy life-style programme Oorsprong presents with BSS Africa is a six-hour workshop that empower participants to make new choices regarding their life-style, diet and activities. 

What sets the programme apart is that it has a mental health component that empowers participants to successfully implement the new commitments they made. No longer membership of a gym that is never used, or a new diet every three months, or the regular decision of … “I must realy get more sleep.”

Photo by Noel McShane from Pexels

Weaving Society Together


It is the teachers, social workers, religious leaders, community workers and volunteers who are weaving the “fabric of society”.  They do it because they care. They understand that care for one another and society is the key to the development of society and human beings. Without them, society will collapse under the pressure of the needs and wants of being human, being created and being society. They make the difference in education and child care, the fight against poverty,  unemployment, the lack of rehabilitation for addicts, correctional programs for criminals and caring for the aged, the sick, the disabled and blind.

My contribution to the weaving of society project is to offer affordable and needs-based coaching and training to employees from these weaver communities. Contact me for more detail about affordable coaching structured for you.