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Selfish leadership is at the expense of others and bad.

Self-care and care for the team is to the betterment of the team and good.   

What is conflict mastering?.


My Conflict Mastering approach combines insights from group dynamics and personal behaviour to work with the true origins of the conflict, not merely the behavioural aspects thereof. In my three phases approach, I help team members to understand what conflict is, how it impacts on them and how to design an apporpriate response.


Conflict Mastering begins an experiential training and reflection process. The aim is to re-think conflict and our response and attitudes towards conflict.

Conflict Mastering is a series, six, of one on one coaching sessions for the team leader and other team members. Here we identify the lenses we use to look at conflict and how it colours our responses and attitudes towards conflict.

Conflict Mastering ends in  a participative workshop to built a conflict culture, re-design problem-solving and decision-making processes in the team.


This process is dynamic and can be adapted for the specific context of the client. 

Training and workshop events


We also present regular training courses on the theme of conflict. Some of the courses are:


Five ways to deal with conflict. This course builds on the work of Thomas Kilmann and other researchers to discover the five ways you can respond to conflict.

 How to have that difficult 1-on-1 conversation. Apart from a specific strategy for the conversation, the emphasis is on preparation for the appointment.

 How to master conflict This course is about the personal dynamics of how to show up in a conflict situation.

 Habit-based conflict responses

How to develop habits are basesd on the work of top scholars on the topic. In a half-day course of we discover what habits you have, where it comes from, how to change or replace them.


All courses includes a number of 1-on-1 coaching session and are presented at a suitable venue, but shorter courses are also presented on-line. Dates and costs are published in the newsletter and on facebook.


The benefits of conflict mastering a


Conflict in an organisation leads to:

•        Loss of income

•        Loss of productivity

•        Loss of appreciation for “being human” 

•        Low morale amongst employees

•        Increased unproductive spending


But mastering conflict can:

•        Increase income and revenue

•        Decrease unproductive spending

•        Increase productivity

•        Develop the individual employees

•        Strengthen the team 

•        Promote creative solutions

•        Restore the “being human” aspects 


Mastering conflict can benefit the individual persons through increased emotional intelligence, building a reputation of handling conflict, increasing their value to the team, increasing opportunities to shine and thus promotion.


Prices of the different processes  is determined by the requirements of the process. Contact Johan  for more information and an estimate price.