Newsletter 2020:4

Newsletter 2020:4

Are you ready for the final?

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When you walk into a room for an awkward conversation, your success is determined by the same skills a champion need to win a championship. The same is true for negotiating a new contract, a sale, a promotion, or planning a holiday. You need to be present and grounded to be able to deal with the curveball. It would help if you had appropriate preparation and a good understanding of the game. Then you have to enter the playing field with confidence and with intention. 

A tennis match is a conflict, a battle between two players both intend on having their expectation, the need to be a champion met. For that, they need to be aware of what is happening. They need to observe the other and discern the strategy of the other. Then they need to enforce their plan or adapt it. Here the comparison stops.

While the tennis players enter the battlefield with a win-lose intention, They can afford it because friendship will probably prevail. In the battle of human relationships, we have to enter the space with a win-win intend for healthier relationships.

Join us for our two-hour-long Master Conflict workshops on 4 and 5 August (English) and 11 and 12 August (Afrikaans).


Our successful and highly recommended interactive online workshop, Building Relationship in Disruptive Times, happens on 23 July from 10:30-11:30. Together with Ulrike Schöttler and Christine Jordaan, we look at building relationships, communication, and mastering conflict in relationships. At the end of the workshop, you will not only have a better idea of how to build a solid relationship with yourself but also how communication skills and understanding conflict can help you with that. The way we talk about body language has been an eye-opener to many participants.

One participant wrote: The body-language bit is (in my opinion) the most important part of the webinar, as we lose that while on zoom …  I enjoyed it. It was refreshing, quick and thought-provoking.

Another participant, Riana from PE, wrote: “I especially found Christine’s session valuable about non-verbal communication and voice tone. Your session complemented very well with what we discussed. It was really, really good.”

The cost of the 90-minute webinar is R450.00. For more information or to register, click here

Let us talk about habits/Laat ons oor gewoontes praat

Are you fed-up because you cannot leave the phone alone, or walk past the chocolate shelf? Are you wasting money on the gym membership? In the recent past, I had quite a few discussions on how habits are formed or changed. So much so that I have decided to organise an interactive online workshop on how to deal with habits. We can talk about practices such as cellphone addiction or new ones such as how to start running regularly.; or any other habit for that matter. The first workshop is on 29 July at 18:30-19:30 (English), and on the 30 July at 18:00-19:00 (Afrikaans). Participation is free, but you have to register. Please send me an e-mail on

Be a person with influence – Master the skills to make most of the difficult conversations.

Be a person with influence! Difficult conversations are not about knowing what to say when. Difficult discussions are about understanding how to be present. It is essential to understand how to listen and speak mindfully. It is just as important to understand HOW TO LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE (and ignore the monkey talk in you)*. This workshop is all about mastering the skills to make most of the difficult conversations.

This workshop is an essential step towards becoming a person with influence in the family, work and social communities. It is an ideal opportunity for a person who struggles with stress and tension, who underperform because of bad relationships. It will also help those who struggle with assertiveness and aggression or who are conflict avoiders. It is for just everyone who has to deal with unmet expectations and needs – whether it is yourself or someone else.

The two-hour workshop is presented over two days. On day 1, we talk about preparation and skills for an awkward conversation. On day 2, we talk about the way you show up in conflict and why that is the case. 

Register for our Master Conflict workshops on 4 and 5 August (English) and 11 and 12 August (Afrikaans) from 08:00-09:00 (60 minutes per day). Costs are R200.00 per person. To register, contact me at 0837083405, or even better send an e-mail to      

“Monkey talk” is a term used by Rosalie Puiman in her book on mindful conflict resolution.

Book Club

Are you a reader or one that struggles to read? Do you wish you can read every book you see, or just enough to know something? Let us help one another. We are launching an online book club!! The book club will read the newest online books focusing on inter-personal and other life-skills. The plan is to have a monthly online meeting to discuss the book we have read and to learn from one another. If you are interested, contact me at 0837083405 or send an e-mail to


It is not surprising that I have many friends that are in the business of helping individuals and groups to be present and living the life they are building. Or help them to build the skills they need to move towards their much dreamt about the future.

Chiropractor Sarah Osler presents podcasts with health practitioners about relevant topics. You can listen to the podcasts here. Listen to Shani Cohen a Dietitian. She speaks about fad dieting, mindful eating, cultivating a healthy relationship with food and more. Another podcast is by psychologist Linda Mthenjane  on retaining safety and connection as we navigate the opening of the economy, relationship techniques for mental fitness and more.  

Apart from our Building Relationships in Disruptive Times, development and career coach Ulrike Schöttler present some other exciting courses about “Authentic living” and “Alleviate the Debt Burden.” Click here for more information.

Let us not only stay home, stay safe, but let us stay together and work towards a better future for us all.