Stop that I-should-have self-talks

Stop those “I should have”-self-talks

Everyone knows the feeling. You had that difficult conversation and walked out with this “I should have said this or that” self-talk. Those kinds of self-talk fuel unhealthy beliefs about ourselves.  It quickly becomes “I can’t deal with conflict.” You can overcome those lies, act with confidence and make your point clear.

Here is a tip that will help you. Do not prepare from a position of fear. First, focus your preparation on clarity about your needs and expectations, not on preparing counter-arguments. Second, spend more time on preparing yourself. You must occupy a space of self-awareness, no judgment looking for synchronicity between the parties.

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  • Let us talk about habits – Thursday 8 October from 18:30 till 20:00. Price: R150.00
  • Kom ons praat oor gewoontes – Dinsdag 13 Oktober vanaf 18:30 tot 20:00. Koste:   R150.00
  • Growing Stronger Relationships – Thursday 15 October from 06:30 till 20:00. Price: R450.00 (or R550 for two persons)
  • Growing Stronger Relationships – Saturday 17 October from 14:30 till 16:00. Price: R450.00 (or R550 for two persons)
  • Master Conflict and deal with difficult conversations -Thursday 8 22 October from 18:00 till 20:00. Price: R350.00 (or R550 for two persons)
  • Bemeester Konflik. Hoe om jouself te staal vir daardie moeilike gesprekke. Dinsdag 27 Oktober vanaf 18:00 tot 20:00. Koste: R350.00 (R550 vir twee persone) 

Contact me if you are interested in any of these: or 083 708 3405.

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Growing Stronger relationships

Our popular interactive webinar on building stronger relationships is happening again. This time around the focus will be more on family relationships. We know many (if not most) have done a relationship workshop somewhere along the road. We promise to build on that through a learning-from-one-another approach.

In the webinar, you will:

               ·         Learn how to build stable and positive relationships

               ·         Learn how to communicate effectively and interpret message better

               ·         Learn how to handle conflict appropriately.

We use the Zoom-platform

To register contact Christine Jordaan at or 082 333 0490.

Kom ons praat oor Gewoontes / Let us chat about habits.

Let us chat about habits is for those of us who cannot leave our phones alone when it vibrates AND for those who are irritated by it. Let us have an interactive discussion about habits: how they are formed and how we can change them. During this discussion, we look at themes such as:

·         understand what a habit is

·         acknowledge our habits

·         understand how to change habits

·         understand how to break bad habits

Mastering Conflict or Stop those “I should have” self-talk.

Mastering conflict is about an approach to conflict and difficult conversations. During this webinar, we looked at how to prepare yourself for that dreaded conversation.

                   ·         what conflict is and why arguments do not work,

                   ·         how to prepare yourself for the difficult conversation,

                   ·         how to be present in the discussion, and make most of the moment.

Another one of the amazing people I have met

Let me introduce to you Charlotte Blignaut.

Charlotte is a unique Transformation & Education Based Speaker, Workshop Coach & Consultant. She has developed a unique tool for self-coaching focusing on growing an entrepreneur’s mindset, authentic empowerment for woman, and revolutionise conflict solutions. You can contact Charlotte via her website:

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