An inspiring future or stuck in the past?

The change of year provides a moment of reflection and assessment of our lives, careers and relationships.  Not all of us are into making New year’s resolution. I certainly am not!! Most of us are clear about our big goals and targets for the year, such as “I want to expand my business,” or “I want to obtain my MBA.” Still, many of us do have smaller goals that sound like resolutions for the next period (new year?).

The first week in February is probably a good time to assess our progress on these smaller goals. It is also a good time to ask whether this is an important matter to attend to. One way to assess the goal is to ask a question that Debbie Ford (The Right Questions, published by HarperOne, 2004) poses: “Will this choice (resolution or goal) propel me toward an inspiring future or will it keep me stuck in the past?”

This question helped me to understand where the goal comes from. Is it born out of your vision for your life, or out of fear? A resolution born from vision creates awareness and hope. It contributes time and effort to the bigger picture of my life. But, a resolution born from fear prevents us from taking risks, keeps us from believing in the value of our choices.


Thus, “will your choice (resolution) propel you toward an inspiring future or will it keep you stuck in the past?” If the answer is “yes, it will propel me to an inspiring future”, then it is worth to be consciously present in all you do – even if it is a small goal such as becoming a compassionate listener!