Newsletter Feb 2020

Excellence in Teamwork

Christine Jordaan (PBS College), Ulrike Schöttler and I  will again present our workshop on building relationships at work and home. The first workshop is in Douglasdale on the 10th March 2020. The second workshop is in Jet Park on 24th March 2020. The take home skills from this workshop include:

         Understand your behaviour in groups

         How to build solid relationships

         How to communicate effectively

         How to improve understanding

         Know five ways to respond to conflict

         Understand when to use the appropriate response

         How to have that difficult conversation


The cost is R1450.00 per person. Please see my website,, for more information or contact me at 
“Coahing” in Afrikaans?
During the past few months people from very diverse backgrounds suggested that I should focus my coaching on Afrikaans-speakers, or at least develop a market amongst Afrikaans-speakers. Together with a marketing company I am doing some research to determine the potential market for coaching amongst Afrikaans-speakers. Afrikaans-speakers on my mailing list will receive a link to a survey I this regard on Wednesday 26 February 2020. I will appreciate if you take the few minutes needed to answer the 10 questions.


Integrating being-human
The Collaborative Integration web presentations about Collaborative the integration of being human into business is currently being filmed. It should soon be available on the You Tube-site of Colab.

Find out more about my coaching, mediation and empowerment services by visiting the website (I am doing some work on it), reading my blogs and liking the facebook page of Oorsprong Human Development.


Live your story in 2020, because it is a good story to live.